Effective Immediately

We are making some changes! With all the changes happening in our world today, we are asking that everyone please wear a mask while shopping in Frank’s Piggly Wiggly. Please help protect us, we are essential and need to be here to help others. Thank you for your support! We […]

A Letter to Our Customers

To our customers: Thanks you for your concern. In these stressful times, we are getting flooded with ideas. We are following the guidelines given to us by the CDC, Wisconsin Grocers Association and Piggly Wiggly. We have given each team member the option to wear company provided masks. They have […]

Shop Online with Instacart – Updated for COVID-19

Another day dawns and we are open as usual… although this is a very unusual time for all of us! Some of our customers may prefer to shop online with our delivery service from InstaCart. As you can imagine, they are exceedingly busy because of the Coronavirus situation and some […]