Crock Pot Creamy Chicken Tacos


1 can of Rotel Tomatoes
3 boneless skinless chicken breasts
4 oz. (1/2 brick) of cream cheese


1. Add Rotel Tomatoes to chicken breasts.

2. Let it cook on low in your slow cooker for 6-8 hours.

3. 30 minutes before it is done open the lid and use forks or a pair of tongs to stir and shred the chicken.

4. Then add cream cheese. Don’t stir the cheese in, just leave it in there for the remainder of the 30 minutes.  When the final timer goes off stir the cheese (which will now be perfectly softened and prevent any lumps) into the meat mixture.

Serve with tortillas, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream, cilantro or whatever your family likes.