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Wine is a difficult subject to summarize for a web page as there are so many types of wine and within each type, different regions produce wines with varying styles. Add to that, the thought that everyone’s pallet is different, and it is very difficult to truly develop a few pages that do the subject justice!

What we at Frank’s have tried to do is prepare a few pages to give you an introduction to the wine types we offer at Frank’s Liquor and help you decide which wines you might want to try next!

An Introduction to Types of Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

The noblest variety of grape. Cabernet is quite rich in color and body. This sumptuous red wine is very complex with black current, cedar and violet undertones. Robust and very fruit-forward, this wine cries out for a BIG piece of red meat!


This beauty comes exclusively from the Champagne region in France. Anything else is simply a sparkling wine. Made primarily from Chardonnay grapes. It then goes through a process called malolactic fermentation to give it the effervescence and fizz. Champagne is known as a celebratory wine, and holds up just fine all by itself, but you can’t go wrong pairing it with light and elegant appetizers.


The greatest dry white wine grape in the world. Fermented in oak, the wine takes on a very rich and creamy quality. Alternatively, it can be fermented in stainless steel, creating a lighter, more acidic wine. Quite pleasing to the masses, Chardonnay goes well with almost anything. A nice roasted chicken or a buttery piece of fish such as Orange Roughy or Chilean Sea Bass just might be perfection.


This distinctive grape from Alsace produces very aromatic wines with strong notes of musky grape. Because this is a very sweet wine, spicy food would be a wise choice for a pair.


A grape indigenous to South America, particularly Argentina. This is a very fruit-forward grape, ripe in berry flavor. Bold and robust, this red wine calls for a big Black Angus Steak or a Brazilian prime cut of meat!


A very rich and dry red wine, quite acidic and bold in flavor. Many people choose to only drink this wine with food, as the taste is acquired. Merlot pairs best with red meat, pasta with red sauce, or a hearty BLT.


Moscato is the fourth most widely planted grape in Italy. No matter where it’s produced, the wine is almost always sweet, low in alcohol and can be still, frizzante (frothy) or spumanti (sparkling). Amazingly fragrant (rose petals and lychee fruit come to mind), Moscato’s fresh grapey character is easy to recognize. The best examples combine creaminess, a bright, refreshing fruitiness and a crisp, lingering finish.

Pinot Grigio

A grape with Italian origin. This white wine is often slightly tart, very fruit-forward and quite refreshing. Delicious hints of citrus and pear. Pinot Grigio matches deliciously with baked chicken, white-sauced pasta dishes, and Caesar salads.

Pinot Noir

One of the most delicate light red wines. A very thin-skinned grape with a gentle and forgiving taste. This grape is typically found in France and California, but it’s population is on the rise in Washington and Oregon. It pairs delightfully with Pork, Veal, or light appetizers.


A classic German grape, light in body and intensely flavored with a vivid and zesty bouquet. This grape can be picked during three different harvests – early, middle, and late. Riesling is one of the sweetest varietals available, and pairs very well with spicy foods, Thai, Sushi, and Chinese.


Sangiovese is it’s pure form is lacking in fruit and has a bit of a metallic finish. Blended to make Chianti, however, the flavor changes significantly. It becomes much more rich and full-bodied and should be enjoyed with all types of Italian dishes, such as Eggplant Parmesan and Pizza. A definite classic!

Sauvignon Blanc

A very aromatic dry white wine, crisp and refreshing. Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect choice for summer sipping, during a boat ride or a picnic. It pairs extremely well with all shellfish, especially Oysters, Shrimp, and Mussels.


Also known as Shiraz, Syrah is a grape that’s very popular in Australia. It is one of the lightest of red wines, making it a fantastic wine to pair with anything on the grill. Grab a heap of Baby Back Ribs, or a nice cheeseburger. The smoky and spicy flavor brings out the best in anything set on coals!


Known as a “wine you can chew,” this grape is very bold in taste, fruit-forward, and not for the faint of heart! You can taste the tannins, the berry-like character, and the bursting of fruit flavor. Zinfandel pairs brilliantly with Prime Rib, Steak, and rich, creamy Soups.


We have expanded our Wine & Cheese pairing page to include some Food Pairings. The web page now lists wine types, along with a brief description of their distinct flavors possible food pairings. For food and wine pairings, please click here.